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This design exemplifies comfortable human-machine interaction. The fingerprint sensor is located on the handle grip, allowing the user to verify their identity while holding the handle. This greatly enhances the door unlocking experience.


In addition, the unlocking indicator light is integrated into the handle, so that the unlocking status is clear at a glance. The simple and bright touch panel is seamlessly connected with the lock case. The fingerprint sensor is self-learning, which means the longer it is used the higher the fingerprint recognition rate.



Unlocking Methods : Fingerprint - Pin Codes - Swipe Card - Mechanical key

Fingerprint Capacity : 100 Fingerprint

Sensor : Swedish Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint Sensor

RF Card Capacity : 100 RF

Frequency : Mifare 13.56 MHz

PIN Code : 6 to 12 digits 1 Master code 10 user pin codes Sensitive

Touch pad screen : Yes

Just one step to open : Yes

Automatic locking : The handle disengages from the lock body within five seconds. To activate the deadbolt you lift the handle up.

Auto polling : Yes

Fingerprint Sensor : Sweden FPC

Fake PIN code feature : Yes

Double authentication : Yes

Warranty:  two years

Batteries are not Included


Color: Grey


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