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  • WiFi + RF + Push AC phase-cut dimmer, 1 channel output.
  • To dim and switch single color dimmable LED lamps, traditional incandescent and halogen lights.
  • Tuya APP cloud control, support on/off, brightness adjust, delay turn on/off light, timer run, scene and music play function.
  • Voice control, support amazon ECHO and TmallGenie smart speaker.
  • 256 levels 0-100% dimming smoothly without any flash.
  • Leading edge dimming or trailing edge dimming set by dip switch.
  • Min brightness can be set by key.
  • Compatibility with RF 2.4G single zone or multiple zone dimming remote control.
  • Each controller can also work as WiFi-RF converter, then use Tuya APP to control one or more RF dimming LED controller or driver synchronously.
  • Connect with external push switch to achieve on/off and 0-100% dimming function.
  • Easy to be placed in standard wall junction box behind a push switch.
  • Over-heat / Over-load protection, recover automatically.
  • Input Voltage:100~240VAC
  • Input signal: RF 2.4G, Push DIM
  • Triac dimming voltage: 40-220VAC
  • Max load current: 1.5A* 1 channel
  • Max load power: 150-360W
  • Load type: Incandescent lamps, HV- halogen lamps, Dimmable LED lamps
  • Set leading edge and trailing edge by DIP switch
  • Minimum brightness setting
  • Push-dim


وحدة SKU: ISH-S1-B(WT)
Color: White


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